Ethos 10mm 100° Eyepiece

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Ethos 10mm 100° Eyepiece

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Introduced at the 2007 Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF), Tele Vue once again broadened the amateur astronomer's perspective on the universe with: 100° of pure TeleVue quality. The field area of this eyepiece is more than 50% larger than the 82° field of the Nagler eyepiece design. The Tele Vue Ethos is essentially multiple eyepieces, delivering the true field size of a longer focal length, narrower apparent field eyepiece with the benefits of higher power and darker sky background.

The 10mm Ethos is a member of the logical set of 17mm/10mm/6mm. It is par focal with the 13mm Ethos and it's 59mm rubber grip diameter makes this model usable in binocular viewers (for most people).


Model # ETH-10.0
Focal Length (mm) 10
Barrel Size (in.) 2" & 1¼"
Apparent Field of View (deg.) 100
Eye Relief (mm) 15
Weight (lb / oz) 1.10 / 17.6
Field Stop (mm) 17.7

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