FC-100D Refractor Telescope
FC-100D Refractor Telescope
FC-100D Refractor Telescope
FC-100D Refractor Telescope


FC-100D Refractor Telescope

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Like the FS series, the FC series are apochromatic refractors with two-element fluorite lenses. The FC series have larger apertures and longer focal lengths than the FS series, and provide outstanding performance both for the visual observer and the digital imager. The FC series has its own dedicated set of reducers and flatteners, and is also able to use some of these accessories from the TOA series.


The FC-100D series consists of an apochromatic fluorite Steinheil doublet with a 100 mm objective diameter. Both telescopes in the series are 740 mm f/7.4 instruments. The front element uses an eco-glass for maximum light transmission, with a coated fluorite rear element for superb color correction. 


The FC-100DC model features a fixed dew shield and a 2.2 inch rack and pinion focuser.  While a capable imaging instrument, it is designed with the visual observer in mind.


The FC-100DF is optically identical to the DC model, but features an enhanced 2.7 –inch focuser.  It also features a shorter tube length that provides additional back focus for digital imaging applications. This added back focus allows use of the FC-35RD reducer, which converts the DF to an f/5.4 instrument.


 The FC-100DL is a full-fledged long focal length apochromatic refractor from Takahashi. This is the same FC-100DL that was offered in limited quantities in previous years. With the exception of the focal length, it is identical to the FC-100DF. It also includes the MEF-3 focuser.


Optical Tube Assembly only (mount, tripod, tube holder and finder sold separately).



FC-100DC FC-100DF FC-100DL

Part Number

TFK10010 TFK10110 TFK10210


100 mm 100 mm 100mm


1.16" 1.16" 1.16"

Limiting Magnitude

11.8 11.8 11.8

Light Gathering Power

204X 204X 204X

Focal Length

740 mm 740 mm 900 mm

Focal Ratio

f/7.4 f/7.4 f/9.0

Optical Type

Fluorite Doublet Apochromat Fluorite Doublet Apochromat Fluorite Doublet Apochromat

Tube Diameter

95 mm 95 mm 95 mm

Tube Length (With Lens hood retracted)

815 mm 815 mm 940 mm

Tube Weight

2.8 kg 2.8 kg 3.6 kg

Recommended Finder

7x50 7x50 7X50

Metal Back Distance

161.0mm 225.0mm ----


Telescope Specifications 

FC-100DC Visual System Chart

FC-100DC Extender Q System Chart

FC-100DC Extender C2X System Chart

FC-100DF Visual System Chart

FC-100DF Extender Q System Chart

FC-100DF Extender C2X System Chart

FC-100DL Visual System Chart

FC-100DL Extender Q System Chart

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