FireCel 3-in-1 Device (93535)


FireCel 3-in-1 Device (93535)

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  • Lithium polymer internal battery (2500mAh)
  • Two temperature hand warmer
    T1=110° F, approximately 3 hours of heat
    T2=130° F, approximately 2 hours of heat
  • Flashlight with four large red LEDs


FireCel provides convenient, portable power for cell phones, tablets, MP3 players and other USB rechargeable devices. Additional features include a red LED flashlight to preserve night vision and electronic hand warmer to supply heat in chilly conditions.

  • Provides a complete charge to a drained iPhone or iPod, and most cell phones, smartphones and MP3 players
  • Delivers partial charge to your iPad
  • Enjoy using your device while FireCel charges it

FireCel delivers an output voltage of 5V 500mA, suitable for USB rechargeable consumer electronics, including smartphones. Includes 4 small red LEDs to indicate battery level, and 3 small green LEDs to indicate the function setting.


USB Connection Included USB 2.0 cable
Batteries Lithium polymer internal battery (2500mAh)
Included Accessories USB cable, black felt storage bag, carrying strap

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