Flat Box 250mm
Flat Box 250mm
Flat Box 250mm


Flat Box 250mm

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LED flat field generator with fully illuminated area for creating high-quality flat field images for astrophotography.

Thanks to LED technology, a color-neutral, pure white image is generated for very good flats even with color cameras.

The image is absolutely flicker-free, thus using very short exposure times is possible.

The Flat Box generator has the newest LED technology.

The image is perfectly white and flicker-free, allowing even short exposure times. The generator offers a 250 mm perfectly evenly illuminated area.

A big advantage compared to other LED flat field boxes is the precise dimmer at the back side of the box, we offer it with a highly precise 10:1 dimmer for exact brightness adjustment.


Panel perfectly illuminated and uniform up to the edges.

On-off switch.

Precise 1:10 dimmer for exact brigthness adjustment

Very strong anti-scratch and dirt-proof external surface

Digital voltmeter for perfect brigthness reproduction and thus reproducible exposures

12 V DC connection - perfect for field operation

Solid mechanics and metal core

Completely made in Italy

Canvas bag for transport included in the package


Useful opening250mmPower12V 1ADimensions33x33x12cm

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