Flat Pier Plate for 8" ATS and other non-Astro-Physics piers (119FP)
Flat Pier Plate for 8" ATS and other non-Astro-Physics piers (119FP)


Flat Pier Plate for 8" ATS and other non-Astro-Physics piers (119FP)

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This Flat Pier Plate (119FP) has been machined to the specifications of the Advanced Telescope System (ATS) 8" pier with 1/8" wall thickness.  It is sized to fit directly into the pier without modifications and provide a mounting surface for our 8" Flat Surface Adapter (119FSA) (previously 900FSA).  It will add 0.35" to the height of the pier.

Owners of the Mach1GTO will be pleased to know that additional holes have been drilled and tapped for our 6" Flat Surface Adapter (ADATRI). This will allow the Mach1GTO and all 400 and 600 mounts to be used on an 8" pier, providing greater stability for imagers when using larger scopes in windy or adverse conditions.

The bottom, pier-inserting portion of this plate has additional thickness to allow custom machining so as to fit a smaller inside diameter pier.  Please refer to the PDF schematic for dimensions.

Pier options:

  • Use with the 8" ATS pier with 1/8" wall thickness (no modification required)
    The base of the 119FP has already been machined per the specifications provided by ATS to fit into their piers that have 1/8" wall thickness without further modification.
  • Use with the 8" ATS pier with 1/4" wall thickness (modification required)
    If you choose to order the 8" ATS Pier with the 1/4" wall thickness, ATS will modify the base diameter for a small up-charge.
  • Use with other piers (may require custom modification)
    Machine the bottom portion of this plate to fit the I.D. of your pier, if necessary. Please refer to the diagram to determine if your pier is suitable.

Top attachment options:

  • Attach 8" 119FSA (use existing tapped holes)
  • Attach 6" ADATRI (use existing tapped holes)
  • Attach custom  mount adapter (machine custom tapped holes)

If you intend to attach an 1100GTO or older 900 mount to the ATS pier, then it is best to choose the combination Flat Surface Adapter with Flat Pier Plate (119FSA-FP).  It is a two-part adapter that combines both the 119FSA and the 119FP. 

Fasteners included:
1/4-20 x 3/4" (8) - attaches 119FSA to Flat Pier Plate (119FP)
5/16-18 x 5/8" (6) and washers - attaches 119FP to ATS pier

Note:  Since the bottom of the flat plate is designed to fit into the 8" ATS Piers, the diameter (7.700") is too small to be used in the Astro-Physics 8" Portable Piers.

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