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FocusCube 3

Introducing the Pegasus Astro FocusCube 3, our cutting-edge solution for achieving fast, reliable, and precise focusing of your telescope in the ever-evolving field of astro-photography. In an era where fast optics and advanced camera devices are essential, maintaining accurate focus is paramount.

Quick Overview

Below features collectively make FocusCube 3 a versatile and user-friendly device for achieving accurate and repeatable focus in astronomy, catering to both automated and manual control preferences.

  • Fast and Precise Focusing: Swift and accurate focusing for modern telescopes and cameras.

  • Automated Focusing with Temperature Compensation: Maintains optimal focus by automatically adjusting for temperature changes.

  • High Torque Motor: Can lift up to 6 kg even when pointing at zenith.
  • Low Backlash: Minimized play for precise focus v-curve points.

  • Universal Bracket: Fits various focusers (4mm to 8mm couplers included).

  • Digital Temperature Sensor: Monitors ambient temperature changes.

  • USB-C Connectivity: Single cable for power and data.

  • Wi-Fi Enabled: Hotspot and wireless 2.4GHz client support.
  • Web Browser Access: Control via web browser on any device, making it OS-independent.

  • ASCOM Alpaca Support: Seamless integration with popular software.

  • Firmware Upgradability: Future-proof with software updates.

  • Optional External Hand Controller: Ideal for visual observers who prefer manual control.

Adjustable and Universal Bracket for Seamless Focuser Compatibility

This versatile Universal bracket features custom-made holes and rails, meticulously designed to ensure seamless integration with any telescope systemWhether you have a refractor, reflector, or any other telescope type, the FocusCube 3’s bracket can be effortlessly adjusted to meet your exact needs.

High Resolution Geared Stepper Motor

Equipped with a high-resolution stepper motor coupled with a robust gearbox, delivering an exceptional level of torque that can effortlessly lift and support telescope equipment weighing up to 6 kg, even when pointing at the zenith. What sets this motor system apart is its meticulous attention to precision, as the backlash has been meticulously minimized to achieve very low values.

Solid Motor Couplers in Package

motor couplers

Package features a selection of five solid motor couplers, each featuring a different bore size. This thoughtful provision allows you to precisely match the coupler to your telescope focuser’s shaft, ensuring a secure and snug fit.

With options ranging from 4mm to 8mm couplers, you have the flexibility to seamlessly integrate the FocusCube 3 with a wide range of telescope setups

USB and Wi-Fi Connectivity

The FocusCube 3 offers streamlined convenience with a single USB-C cable for both power and data, reducing complexity in your telescope setup. Additionally, it’s Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to control and monitor focus remotely from your mobile phone.

Notably, you can operate it simultaneously with USB or Wi-Fi, providing flexibility and ease of use for astronomers, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Accurate and Repeatable Focus V-Curves with FocusCube 3

FocusCube v3 Harmonizes with Leading Imaging Suites – NINA, SGPro, Voyager, APT, MaximDL, and More!”

Effortless V-Curve Autofocus: A Piece of Cake with FocusCube v3

The V-Curve results achieved with the FocusCube 3 are consistently accurate and reliably repeatable every time the autofocus routine is initiated.

The FocusCube 3 offers a hassle-free “focus and forget” operation, allowing you to set their focus parameters and continue you observations without constant manual adjustments.

ASCOM Alpaca Native Support

FocusCube 3 offers Alpaca native support and a convenient web interface for easy smartphone control of your device.

ASCOM Alpaca outshines classic ASCOM drivers with its platform independence, modern web standards, streamlined installation, remote control capabilities, extensibility, and open-source options. This ensures superior compatibility and user-friendly performance, making it the preferred choice for advanced astronomy applications.

FocusCube 3 comes equipped with an integrated web server that seamlessly communicates with Alpaca clients natively. This integration enhances the user experience by providing easy access to telescope focus control through ASCOM Alpaca but also monitoring from any device with a web browser such as a smart phone.

Connect to the FocusCube hotspot for instant access to your focuser's control

Upon connecting to the FocusCube hotspot, the focuser control is automatically spawned for immediate use. Furthermore, you can conveniently access it from any web browser by simply typing “focuscube.local” in the address bar.

This feature is operating system-independent and functions seamlessly alongside USB control and the EZY hand controller plug-in, providing flexibility and convenience for users across various setups.

Additional Features:

  • Temperature Probe: The FocusCube 3 features an external digital temperature sensor input on the focuser’s side, and it comes with a digital temperature sensor. This sensor can be placed near the focuser, allowing you to monitor the exact temperature of both the focuser and the surrounding environment in real-time through the included software or ASCOM driver.
  • Expansion Port/Manual Focus: FocusCube 3 features an expansion RJ12 port situated at the rear of the enclosure, designed to accommodate the EZY-Focus Hand Controller for manual focus control. This optional accessory allows users to enhance their setup with precise manual focusing capabilities.
  • Firmware Upgrade Support: Firmware supports re-programming via a USB 2.0 connection using upgrade software, ensuring flexibility for potential future upgrades. We value customer feedback and continually enhance both the firmware and software, integrating new features to provide an evolving and improved user experience.
  • Dimensions and Weight: 56 x 63 x 39 mm / Weight 280g


Type Value
Supply Voltage From USB (5V)
Current 900mA @ 5V
Motor Output None, The stepper motor is built-in
USB Connectivity USB-C socket (USB2)
Thermal Sensor Resolution 9-bit Celsius temperature measurements
Power Input Connector USB-C Socket
Motor High resolution geared stepper motor
(Step Angle (Deg) 7.5 / 120 Gearbox
Dimensions 59 mm x 50 mm x 44 mm
Weight 260g (enclosure with electronics)
Operating Tempetature -20 °C to +80 °C

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