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Focuser Boss II Focusing Kit - HSM20 - Dual control board

  • 72000

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This option includes the dual control board, which allows you to control two focusers at the same time.

The HSM/MSM20 will fit any Feather Touch Micro Focuser, Feather Touch retrofit pinion assembly upgrade, or 2.0" Feather Touch Crayford focuser.

Starlight Instruments is proud to release its new Electronic Focusing System. The Focuser Boss II digital kit works through any ASCOM compliant software, such as Maxim DL, FocusMax, SG Pro, and CCD Soft.

The Focuser Boss IS compatible with a Mac through Sky X with a daily build 7315 or later.

This system comes standard with a digital hub and stepper motor and allows you to upgrade to the options listed in the drop down boxes.

The WIFI option allows you to control the focuser via Smart phone or IPAD.  Your phone can be used to control the focuser and the hand controller is not needed unless you want to use both a Smart phone and Hand Controller

The push buttons on the Hand Controller can be used to move the focuser in or out.

The Temperature Sensor is built in, allowing for temperature compensation.


Compatible with most Modern TeleVue Telescopes (see picture below) and all Feather Touch micro focusers.

Older Tele Vue focusers with the original mounting bracket (pictured below) are not compatible with Feather Touch.

 Modern Tele Vue Focusers that ARE compatible with Feather Touch upgrades have a mounting bracket like the one pictured below. 

Focuser Boss II Installation Setup Instructions

Focuser Boss II Software

USB-to-Serial Converter Driver Download

CCDSoft Instructions

Focuser Boss II Firmware update instructions

Handy Motor Installation Instructions

Photo of installed Handy Motor

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