FocusLynx Second Stepper Driver
FocusLynx Second Stepper Driver
FocusLynx Second Stepper Driver


FocusLynx Second Stepper Driver

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#19533 - Optional Second Stepper Board for Dual-Focus Control

FocusLynx Second Stepper BoardThe standard FocusLynx Controller hub can easily be converted into a Dual-Focus Controller with the addition of the optional Second Stepper Driver board.

Featuring an easy-to-install board with a double row connector, the Second Stepper Driver pushes directly into the main FocusLynx control board. Review the video below to see how easy converting your FocusLynx into a Dual Focus controller can be.



  • Optec FocusLynx controller,
  • Starlight Instruments FocusBoss II controller.

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