Focusmate Driver 10:1 (FDF-2004)

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Focusmate Driver 10:1 (FDF-2004)

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Focusmate Driver, designed for scopes with black pinion bodies (click image left or see instructions). Works on the following scopes: larger scopes with the following serial #s and higher: TVNP-127is (#1175), TVNP-101is (#1227), & TVNP101 (#1982) ; TV-76 and TV-85 that came with Focusmate 10:1 standard. Permits vibration-free, variable-speed, electronic motor control of the 10:1 Focusmate Fine Focus Accessory through a hand controller or computer control. A tap on the button permits vibration-free focusing in steps as small as approximately 0.0005" or download TVFocusPlus. Switching between manual and motor focus is easily done with a unique quick disconnect that doesn't require tools.


This adjustable-speed, electric motor-drive installs easily onto the Focusmate unit, and offers a unique quick disconnect for switching (without tools) between electric and manual operation. Variable-speed, forward/reverse, battery-operated hand-controller is included.

With the exception of the TV-60 (non-"is" version), all current production Tele Vue scopes accept a digital Indicator Kit -- so that their fullest imaging and visual performance can be realized. If a digital Indicator Kit, is installed, measurement is possible to an unprecedented 0.0001" (1/10,000"). A gentle tap on the motor direction switch can produce steps as small as about 0.0005" (5/10,000"). Truly, focusing will be "even better than you imagined."

Models available for 10:1 Focusmates (all black) and left or right-side mounted 6:1 Focusmates (chrome shafts).

  • Vibration-free motor-drive unit
  • Two-button hand-controller with variable-speed knob
  • Motor-ring mount, with quick disconnect and focuser mounting instructions

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