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Kepler 6060
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Kepler 6060

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The Kepler KL6060 sCMOS camera represents the fi rst large format scientifi c CMOS camera from Finger Lakes Instrumentation. The KL6060 provides large imaging area, high sensitivity, and low noise. The sensor will also be available with a back-illuminated sensor.

The initial release of the KL6060 will operate in HDR mode. The image is digitized to 12 bits twice with two different gains. Low gain (LG) is set for maximum linear full well (about 35e-/ADU), with noise of 33e- and full well capacity of about 135ke-. High gain (HG) is set for lowest noise (about 2.2 e-/ADU), with noise of 4.6e- and full well capacity of about 8ke-. The merged 16-bit image has 89 dB of dynamic range.


Sensor Type Front illuminated

Sensor GPixel GSense6060

Active Pixels 6144 x 6200

Pixel Size (microns) 10 x 10

Imaging Area 61.44 x 62 mm

Sensor Diagonal 87.3 mm Max.

Full Well Capacity 135Ke- (HDR)

Max. Frame Rate (QSFP) 19 (HDR)

Max. Frame Rate (USB3) 2 .8 (HDR)

Min. Read Noise (rolling) 4.6 eMax.

Dynamic Range 89 dB (HDR)

Peak QE 72%

Cooling Air and Liquid

Maximum Cooling (Air) 40ºC Below Ambient

Dark Current 0.1 eps at -20C

Interface USB 3.0 Interface (Optional) QSFP2 Mount Bolt Circle

Subarray Readout Yes

Electromechanical Shutter Optional 90mm

Ex Trigger In Yes

Ex Trigger Out Yes

Software FLI

SDK Open Source


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