Starlite LED Flashlights
Starlite LED Flashlights

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Starlite LED Flashlights

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Ideal for Astronomers, Pilots, Sailors, Cavers, Hunters, Fishers, Hikers, Campers, Motorists, Bicyclers ... Everyone!

Wide spectrum of LED colors available from infrared to blue and beyond!


  • DUAL Ultra-bright LEDs -- The best and the brightest with lifetimes of 100,000+ hours, never break, and provide smooth illumination.
  • Thumbwheel Brightness Control -- Dial up just the right amount of light and extend battery life.
  • Energy Efficient -- Up to 320+ hours at the dimmest setting, 12+ hours at the brightest, from one 9V Alkaline.
  • Exclusive brightness regulation circuitry -- keeps the LEDs shining bright as batteries age, unlike competitors LED flashlights which start bright but quickly fade.
  • 9 Volt Battery & 20 inch neck strap included

mini LED Flashlights

Compact, rugged, and all the great features listed above!

Our original astro flashlights, much imitated but never duplicated, are back! More compact at only 3.5 inches long, 2 inches shorter than water resistant version, and for a tiny price! NOT water resistant (sorry there's only so much we could squeeze in), but all the other great features in a smaller, lighter case. LEDs are socketed so you can easily swap in different color LEDs.

Water-resistant LED Flashlights

Compact, rugged, water resistant & they float!

Smooth & easy thumbwheel adjusts LED brightness, & selects LED color on 2-color models. Water Resistant and all the great features listed above in a larger, water resistant case.


 The bestselling astronomer's flashlight with 2 Red LEDs
 The ideal aviator's and sailor's flashlight, Switchable between 2 Red and 2 White LEDs, black plastic body
Dayglo Green
 The ideal aviator's and sailor's flashlight, Switchable between 2 Red and 2 White LEDs, Dayglo Green body
 The military night vision flashlight with 2 Blue-Green LEDs
The ideal military aviator's flashlight . Switchable between 2 Blue-Green and 2 White LEDs
For use with night vision scopes and cameras. Switchable between 2 White and 2 Infra-Red LEDs
 For use with military night vision goggles. Switchable between 2 Blue-Green and 2 Infra-Red LEDs
  The general purpose pocket flashlight with 2 White LEDs


Note: Color of lanyard may vary

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