Lepus-STL 0.62X Special Edition
Lepus-STL 0.62X Special Edition
Lepus-STL 0.62X Special Edition


Lepus-STL 0.62X Special Edition

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Optec's #19405 Lepus-STL is a special version of the Lepus telecompressor featuring a male STL 2.156"x24tpi thread in place of the standard OPTEC-2100 dovetail.  Designed especially for the SBIG STT-8300/FW8G/AO8 camera combination, many users prefer the threaded attachment over the dovetail and setscrew arrangement of the NextGEN and standard Lepus telecompressors.

The Lepus-STL version is compatible with the#19395 and #19397 VLC Variable Length Camera adapters and the optional #19391 STL to T-thread adapter.  Be sure to set the back-focus distance correctly for your camera system.  Back focus diagrams can be found at the bottom of this page.


Telescope-Side Compatibility:

  • Optec TCF 2-inch focuser line,
  • Optec TCF-3 3-inch focuser line with 3-inch to 2-inch adapter,
  • Optec Pyxis 2" rotator with camera-side 2-inch receiver,
  • Any 2-inch focuser or receiver.

Camera-Side Compatibility:

  • Optec #19391 STL to T-thread adapter,
  • Optec #19395 Variable Length Camera adapter with T-threads,
  • Optec #19397 Variable Length Camera adapter with STL threads,
  • SBIG STT cameras with STL 2.156"x24tpi female threads,
  • Any female STL threaded camera.

Lepus-STL Back-Focus Diagrams:
#19405 Lepus-STL diagram showing the optimal back-focus distance to image sensor.

#19405 Lepus-STL diagram with optional #19391 STL to T-thread adapter showing the optimal back-focus distance to image sensor.

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