Libra Systems - Keller EZ-Saddle and Bolt Kits (19235)
Libra Systems - Keller EZ-Saddle and Bolt Kits (19235)


Libra Systems - Keller EZ-Saddle and Bolt Kits (19235)

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Installing a heavy OTA has never been easier than with the new Keller EZ-Saddle.  Designed by Allan Keller of PlaneWave Instruments, the EZ-Saddle offers innovative features never before seen in a telescope saddle plate.

The latest component of the Libra dovetail system, Optec's new Keller EZ-Saddle makes mounting large telescopes quick and easy.  Featuring plenty of mounting options and  bolt package kits for the PlaneWave / Ascension Instruments A200 mount, Astro-Physics mounts, Celestron CGE Pro, Losmandy G11, Mountain Instruments MI-250,  and the Paramount Versaplate (for tandem mounting) the EZ-Saddle offers a standard Losmandy "D" plate receiver saddle to fit nearly any telescope OTA.

Some of the unique design improvements include placing the clamp tensioning knobs on the bottom side making them easy to reach when mounting the telescope.  Safety features include a stability bar along the front edge to provide enough relief to reach down to tighten the clamps located on the same front or bottom side. 

The stability bar can be removed to reduce weight once the telescope is securely in place.  A registration notch allows the mating D-plate to be marked for quick and easy re-balancing.  All fasteners are stainless and the tensioning knobs are available in several color options. 

Available now, contact Optec or PlaneWave Instruments to order - be sure to specify your mount make and model for proper bolt kit. 


  • D-plate Width: 4. 5"
  • Width with Stability Bar:  5.00"
  • Overall Width with knobs: 6.25" to 6.5"
  • Overall Height: 1.00"
  • Overall Length:  16" 
  • Clamp Width:    2.5"
  • Clamp Fasteners:  anodized lobed aluminum in a variety of colors
  • Knob Color Options:  Natural
  • Stability Bar Height: 1.65"
  • Stability Bar Thickness:  0.375"
  • Weight with Stability Bar:  4 lb. 6 oz.  (2.0 kg)
  • Weight with Stability Bar Removed:   3 lb. 14 oz. (1.75 kg)
  • Payload Capacity:    55-lbs. (25 kg)
  • Safety:  Two 1/4"-20 knobs on female dovetail side.

Additional Features:

  • Removable Stability Bar,
  • Fourteen Cable Management Tie-Down locations,
  • Balance Indicator notch on Stability Bar,
  • Clamp stops, Drop-In dovetail.

Declination Axis Mount Compatibility

Optec offers bolt kits for mounting the following devices to the Keller EZ-Saddle:

  • #19236: Celestron CGEM (includes adapter)
  • #19237: Celestron CGE-Pro
  • #19238: Astro-Physics AP900, Mach 1, and SB3622 Plate
  • #19239: Astro-Physics AP1200
  • #19240: Astro-Physics AT3600"El Capitan" tandem mount with SB3622 plate
  • #19241: Mountain Instruments MI-250
  • #19242: Losmandy G11
  • #19243: Takahashi EM-400 with adapter plate (required and sold separately)
  • #19244: Paramount Versaplate for tandem mounting
  • #19245: PlaneWave Ascension A200

Receiver Saddle Compatible with:

  • Optec Libra "D" series dovetail systems,
  • Losmandy D series dovetail systems,
  • Celestron dovetail bar,
  • Farpoint D series dovetails systems,
  • ADM "D" Series dovetail systems,
  • Robin Casady's dovetail systems.

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