LightPipe/SightTube Collimating Tool


LightPipe/SightTube Collimating Tool

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This unique and innovative collimator combines the LightPipe with the SightTube into one easier to use, lower-cost tool.  The LightPipe functions just like a Cheshire collimator, but with two important differences.  First, the acrylic lightpipe will not darken or corrode with time, like the aluminum reflector used on a Cheshire.  Second, the lightpipe is non-directional to illuminate.  When using a flashlight at night to illuminate the tool, any angle works, unlike the temperamental Cheshire.  The 2-in-1 collimator accurately aligns optics in Newtonian telescopes (LightPipe) as well as accurately aligning the secondary mirror under the focuser (SightTube).  The 2" version is easier to use in telescopes having a long focal length of  (70"+) and proportionately larger secondary mirrors.  The shorter body LightPipe is perfect to collimate shorter f/ratio telescopes or imaging telescopes (f/3-f/4).  Save time and money with this 2 in 1 tool.  Precision-made anodized aluminum, acrylic insert and stainless steel crosshair wires.  Includes 14 page instruction booklet.

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