M42M-M48F 22.5mm Extender
M42M-M48F 22.5mm Extender
M42M-M48F 22.5mm Extender


M42M-M48F 22.5mm Extender

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The thickness of the M42M-M48F 22.5mm extender is 22.5mm. It is an important astronomical accessory for ASI2600MM Pro users who want to connect the camera to 7x36mm filter wheel to reach 55mm back focus distance while without the involvement of OAG-L.

Connection Guide:

When connecting the ASI2600 to 36mm EFW, you need to screw off the sensor tilt plate coming with the camera first, then use the screws to fix them. This can help you get the distance between the filter and the sensor much closer.

Mechanical Diagram:

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