M68 Sensor Tilt Plate
M68 Sensor Tilt Plate
M68 Sensor Tilt Plate
M68 Sensor Tilt Plate
M68 Sensor Tilt Plate


M68 Sensor Tilt Plate

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Product Description

M68 sensor tilt plate (5mm) is independently developed by ZWO and specially made to match with the full-frame cooled camera ZWO ASI6200MM/MC Pro.

You are encouraged to use it with ZWO 2inch EFW and ZWO M68 OAG and mount them on the M68-thread telescope side.

The original M54 sensor tilt plate of ASI6200 can only be used to connect with the M42/M48 thread telescope side for now, while this new M68 sensor tilter-plate can be used to connect with the M68 thread telescope side.


The best solution for 55mm back focus length

6200-55mm-backfocus-solution-5 (2)

Click here to get the detailed connection guide:

5 connection methods of ASI6200 to get 55mm back focus length:



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