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Mini GuideScope with Dew Shield

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An ultra lightweight guide scope for QHY5-II Series.  NOTE, this is the guide scope and mounting kit ONLY.  The camera is sold separately (shown here only for demonstration purposes)
miniGuideScope - an ultra lightweight guide scope for QHY5-II Series
This new updated design on the Mini GuideScope has a dew shield around the objective.
When the pixels of a guide camera becomes small and QE becomes high, you may not need a big guide scope. The small pixels can detect the guide error in a short focal length. When the focal length is reduced, the FOV becomes bigger. You can find a suitable bright guide star very easily.
The QHY5L-II has 74% high QE, 4 electron readout noise and 3.75µm small pixels. This camera is idea for  short focal guide scope. The miniGuideScope is a Focal length=130mm Diameter=30mm ultra small telescope at f/4.3. It has no complex focal adjust system. Just rotate the front part to achieve fine focal adjustment. There is a locker to fix the focuser position.When you find focus you can lock it and there is no need to focus again in future.



miniGuideScope Specification
Focal length
F/ ratio
Camera Interface
C/CS mount
OTA diameter
31.6mm(Same with QHY5-II series)
Front Part Focuser with digit mark and locker
Price(without tax)                      USD119 with adapter


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