MiniTower Pro/II Altitude Gear and Clutch Upgrade Kit (8955)


MiniTower Pro/II Altitude Gear and Clutch Upgrade Kit (8955)

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Designed for iOptron AZ Mount Pro, this Altitude Gear and Clutch upgrade kit can be used to replace the altitude gear/clutch of an iOptron MiniTower Pro/MiniTower II. The tapered surfaces on ring gear and brass washer will translate the applied axial pressure into both axial and radial pressure to provide better locking power of the altitude clutch. The locking knob with levers will make the altitude knob easy to tighten, especially during the winter time.

The kit includes:

  • Ring gear X1
  • Taper brass altitude washer X1
  • Altitude locking knob with threaded holes X1
  • Lock lever X 4

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