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Multiple Deep Sky Objects List

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Multiple Deep Sky Objects List-Telrad Finder Charts is available once again. These charts come in four volumes Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. It is a list of more than one deep sky object in same low powered field of view. The entire list consists of 347 sets of deep sky objects and over 800 galaxies, nebulas, double stars, and clusters. Most of the objects are visible in 13.1″ telescope but some are very faint and require a larger instrument.

The objects on the list are varied from open/globular clusters to double stars to planetary/dark/reflection/emission nebulas and of course lots of galaxies and various combinations of all of the above. The Multiple Deep Sky Object List is compiled by constellation and then by lowest NGC or M number. The Multiple Deep Sky Object List has common id# NGC or M name, description of object, size in minutes and seconds, magnitude, constellation, right ascension and declination listed in 2000.00 coordinates. The R.A> is in hours/minutes and seconds the declination is listed in + or – then degrees and minutes. The list on waxy paper and spiral bound to hold up under any observing condition. Now some of the Multiple Deep Sky Objects on the list were so close to being in a low powered field of view that I had to included them. Two examples of this are M97/M108 and NGC6946/NGC6939 in Ursa Major and Cepheus.

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