Nebula Booster NB1
Nebula Booster NB1
Nebula Booster NB1


Nebula Booster NB1

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We are pleased to announce a new item coming up from IDAS Japan. It’s the narrowband filter for one-shot tri-color imaging. NB1-48 and NB1-52 will be commercially available middle of next month.

  • Ideal flat-top and moderate bandpass – prevent the transmission loss due to the spectrum shift by today’s super fast optics such as BORG astrograph, Takahashi Epsilon Series and SIGMA ART series etc
  • Superb transmission rates
  • Extremely steep cut-off lines – minimize the reflections
  • Fully blocks NIR up to 1100nm
  • Available 52mm and 48mm
  • 2.5mm thickness – allows to simply swap with other IDAS LPS filters without re-focusing
  • IDAS-proprietary IGAD/MBT/UFP quality standard
  • Made in Japan

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