Night Reader Pro Astronomer's Flashlight

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Night Reader Pro Astronomer's Flashlight

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The little light with big performance.

Full-featured dimmable red LED light can be used at high intensity for walking about and set to a lower intensity for comfortable use with an atlas or planisphere.

Night Reader Pro comes with easy quick-clip keychain attachment to keep it close at hand.

The Night Reader Pro is a true Astronomer’s Flashlight. It features a 630nm red LED light source so it will never accidentally blast you with white light.  The intensity of the light can be adjusted from a soft red glow perfect for reading a planisphere or atlas to a bright beam useful in setting up equipment and walking around a dark observing site.

The David Chandler Company's Night Sky planisphere is printed with a blue ink that is specifically selected to work with the Night Reader Pro’s red light for ease of viewing.

We currently offer the Night Reader in a full-featured Pro version that is Made in USA and has multiple operating modes.

The Night Reader Pro™ is easy to use, easy on batteries, and easy on your eyes.  It comes with a handy chain clip and the battery is replaceable to reduce waste and help keep items out of our landfills.

Made in U.S.A. Lifetime Warranty


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