Overlooked Objects - Telrad Finder Charts
Overlooked Objects - Telrad Finder Charts


Overlooked Objects - Telrad Finder Charts

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Find the hidden gems of the night sky with these easy-to-read & durable charts!

The black printing and stars on a white background makes the charts easily readable with a red flashlight. They are printed on white vellum card stock and are fully laminated on both sides for dew and water resistance. After careful cutting and trimming they are bound with plastic comb binders. This binding allows them to lay flat, and they will stay flat in breezy conditions.

Designed to work in conjunction with a Telrad red-bullseye finder, you'll find tough objects easily by matching the star pattern and positioning your bullseye to match the chart.

48 neglected objects, 45 sturdy, laminated charts.

Contents of Overlooked Objects
Abel 426
Abel 1656
3C273 Quasar
Brocchi's Cluster
Cygnus X-1
Fairy Ring
NGC 256
NGC 278
NGC 457
NGC 891
NGC 1535
NGC 2237
NGC 2261
NGC 2264
NGC 2281
NGC 2362
NGC 2392
NGC 2403
NGC 2419
NGC 2438
NGC 2683
NGC 2841
NGC 2903
NGC 3115
NGC 3242
NGC 4449
NGC 4485
NGC 4490
NGC 4567
NGC 4568
NGC 4631
NGC 4656
NGC 6207
NGC 6302
NGC 6543
NGC 6572
NGC 6818
NGC 6826
NGC 6888
NGC 6960
NGC 6992
NGC 7000
NGC 7009
NGC 7293
NGC 7635
NGC 7662
NGC 7789

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