Photographic Field Flattener for SVX152T-35SV (SFF4-152T-35SV)


Photographic Field Flattener for SVX152T-35SV (SFF4-152T-35SV)

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This full frame field flattener is made specifically for the SVX152 with the Stellarvue FSV35 3" focuser. 

On the camera side of this flattener is a standard M48X.75 thread. The backfocus from the base of this thread is 55 mm. So this flattener as it comes will work with a DSLR with a 48 mm t-ring. It will also work with a ccd camera that uses the M48 thread and has a 55 mm back focus. If your ccd camera uses another thread and/or if the back focus is not exactly 55 mm, please call us and we can provide you with a modified version of this flattener with the proper adapter to meet your requirements.

This flattener can work with former Stellarvue 152 refractors that use a 3.5" Feather Touch focuser with this adapter.

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