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Pivot Kits

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  • Easy Installation
  • Improves Telescope Motion
  • Digital Setting Circle / Drive Ready


This is one of the key components in making a Dobsonian move smoothly and easily in azimuth, even when pointed near the zenith.  Each kit contains a 3/8" or 1/2" x 2.5" brass bolt, bronze thrust bushing, stainless steel locknut assembly and full instructions.  The new bushing only requires a 1/2" through hole for the 3/8" bolt and 5/8" through hole for the 1/2" bolt.  The supplied bolt length is configured for a nominal rocker box bottom thickness of 3/4" and a ground board thickness of 3/4" and a PTFE bearing thickness of 3/16".  The 1/2" bolt kit is recommended for 20" and larger telescopes.

The 1.50" square PTFE center pad is shimmed to take part of the load off the azimuth pads, giving the telescope excellent azimuth movement.  The pivot bolt is pre-drilled with lock screw for digital setting circles.  Optional bolt lengths in 3/8" available are  2", 3" and 3.5".  Add $5 for one of these custom lengths.

 Call for custom lengths ($34-$43)

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