PLUS Adapter Plates


PLUS Adapter Plates

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Like all the other elements of the PLUS series, these adapter plates are made with high mechanical precision (built with CNC machines from aluminum block) and specially designed to enable you to easily install other mechanical elements such as support rings, plates or dovetail clamps.


The PLUS Adapter Plates are part of the PLUS (Prima Luce Universal System) which includes many guide rings, support rings, plates, adapters, and dovetail clamps to offer you the maximum freedom to build your mechanical system of support, depending on the application that you want to achieve. Indeed, all the PLUS elements have threaded holes, holes and slots suitable for connecting elements, always with maximum rigidity and comfort. Prima Luce designed many element for this purpose, including the PLUS Adapter Plates.

Each component of the PLUS system is made of aluminum blocks that are high precision CNC machined. The aluminum is then sandblasted to achieve a very smooth surface finish and is anodized (hard anodizing) to increase the hardness of the material and protect it from oxidation.

Available Sizes

 Size SKU
AZ-EQ5 PLUS adapter plate PLLFLAZEQ5
EQ6, Atlas EQ-G, AZ-EQ6, Atlas Pro AZ/EQ6-G PLUS adapter plate PLLFLEQ6
HEQ5, Sirius EQ-G PLUS adapter plate PLLFLHEQ5



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