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Polemaster (No Adapter)

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This is the Pole master camera only (no adapter is included).

PoleMaster - a high precision, easy to use electric polar scope 

Achieving a high-precision polar alignment is not an easy feat. You may spend a lot time on it, yet you do not know if it is really well aligned.
Pole Master is a new invention from QHYCCD to aid in getting a very precise polar alignment. It gives you a direct and simple way to align with the pole. Within two minutes you could obtain polar alignment precision up to 30 arcsec. 
Technology Overview 
There are many methods for getting the pole well-aligned. The simplest idea is just to find true north and match its position with the rotation center of the RA axis on the mount. QHYCCD's PoleMaster employs this idea. This device is installed on the front of the RA axis and it uses a highly sensitive camera to capture the image of northern sky. The sensitivity is much higher than the naked eye, so it can see not only the polaris but also some faint stars nearby. Based on the locations of these stars, it can calculate the position of the true position of the north celestial pole.  With some sophisticated methods the PoleMaster can also detect the rotation center of the RA axis. It will mark the two points on the screen, one is the RA rotation center, another is the virtual polar point. You can adjust the mount and let them overlap then the pole is well-aligned.
To compare the old technology of the polar alignment. The advantages of PoleMaster are :
Fast, Easy and Comfortable: You do not need to rotate the telescope to a certain position to allow the polar scope to see the sky. You do not need to lie down or squat to adjust the mount. You do not need to observe through the polar scope carefully to find the pole star. You do not need to input the date and time and rotate the mount to a strange angle. you do not need to adjust the horizontal balance anymore.
High precision. The pixel resolution of this PoleMaster is approx.. 30arcsec/pixel.  The image sensor itself can be regarded as a good ruler. It is much more precise and sensitive than the naked eye. At its best, the PoleMaster can get your polar alignment down to 30 arcsec. 
Wide field. Easy to find the north star.  The PoleMaster has a 15*10 degree field of view. You can find the north star easily.
Can be installed on any mount. PoleMaster can installed on any mount with a suitable connector. Even your mount has no polar scope, PoleMaster can be installed. 
Pole Monitor/align at any time. With PoleMaster you can monitor the polar alignment at any time. When the mount is moved by accident, you can adjust it back directly without the need of redoing the whole process.
No Need For 3-Star Calibration Anymore. After aligning with PoleMaster, your mount does not need to use the 3-star calibration anymore. Just using the 1-star calibration or single star sync you can get your mount ready for GOTO.

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