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The QHY1920 is a Scientific CMOS camera with a large 12um pixel size. It is ideal for science research and industry in low light. And it has a relatively high QE in the IR Spectra and can be used in IR applications.

The QHY1920 has a large pixel size of 12um, which gives it a high sensitivity and an inherent advantage for capturing low light signals. QHY1920 is capable of low light monitoring in various fields and can also be used for live night sky and other science popularization purposes.

Broad Spectral Response

QHY1920 has 60-80% QE at the NIR.


Model QHY1920-BSI
Pixel Size 12um*12um
Full Resolution 1920*1200
Effective Pixels 2.3 Megapixels
Effective Image Area 23mm*14.4mm
Fullwell 51ke-
Sensor Size APS-C
Full Frame Rate 58FPS@1920*1200 12bit
Readout Noise 1.1e-
Exposure Time Range 15us – 300sec
Anti-Glow Control Yes. Can be enabled and disabled. Significant Glow Reduction
Shutter Type Electric Rolling Shutter
Computer Interface USB3.0
Built-in Image Buffer 128Mbyte DDR2 memory
Cooling System Dual Stage TEC cooler(-32C below ambient)


(Test temperature +20°, exposure >1s)

Anti-Dew Heater Yes
Telescope Interface M54/0.75 female thread on the fast installer/center adjust ring
Optic Window Type AR+AR High Quality Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating
Back Focal Length 17.5mm
Weight 705g


Mechanical Dimentions

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