QHY600M PH + Filter Wheel + OAG Combo Kit
QHY600M PH + Filter Wheel + OAG Combo Kit
QHY600M PH + Filter Wheel + OAG Combo Kit
QHY600M PH + Filter Wheel + OAG Combo Kit
QHY600M PH + Filter Wheel + OAG Combo Kit


QHY600M PH + Filter Wheel + OAG Combo Kit

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This kit from QHY combines the 600 Monochrome Photographic camera with a Filter Wheel and an OAG in two different configurations:

  • CFW3L Large filter wheel + OAG-M
  • CFW3XL Extra Large filter wheel + OAG-L Pro

Available with either the standard QHY600M-PH model or the short back-focus SBFL model.

Here are the combo we recommend for the QHYCCD Astronomy Camera QHY600. Compared with purchasing them seperately, you can get a discount about 5% off for the combo.

For more information on component parts, see individual pages for the camerafilter wheelOAG-M and OAG-L Pro.

For QHY600, the match we recommend is CFW3L and OAGM. If you have special requirement for short back focal length, like using Canon EF Lens (44.1mm BFL), Nikon F Lens (46.5mm), or using 55mm MPCC with both CFW and OAG, we recommend QHY600 SBFL version as the only choice.

Model BFL Consumed Filters Supported
QHY600M PH/Lite 17.5mm 7 position


2inch mounted/50mm unmounted

QHY600M SBFL 12.5mm
CFW3L 21.5mm
CFW3XL + adapter 27.5mm
OAGM 10mm
OAGL Pro 12mm

Since June 2023, we are adding a 5mm spacer with M54 threads into Adapter kit C1.  This addition gives the user a choice of terminating the output in either M48 or M54 threads.  Since C1 are standard accessories included with the camera, this addition has no affect on the price list.


Combo C1 is the solution without OAG. The QHY600M-PH or QHY600M-L with CFW3L and OAG result in a backfocus greater than 55mm. Therefore, if you must limit this BF distance to 55mm due to a corrector lens or DSLR lens, we recommend the QHY600M-PH SBFL.

If you need more than 7 x 50mm filter positions for the QHY600, you can use the CFW3XL filter wheel with 9 x 50mm filter carousel.


B1: Connecting MPCC that requires 55mm BFL and M48 interface to Camera with CFWL and OAG. B1 is standard accessories of QHY600M SBFL and QHY268M, so you needn’t purchase it if you’ve had the cams.


  1. If your MPCC requires a BFL different from 55mm, this adjustment can be made by selecting the appropriate spacer between the MPCC and the OAG.  For example, an MPCC that requires 57.5mm can be used instead by adding a spacer ring or rings that add 2.5mm of BFL. to the diagram above.
  2. If you don’t use an OAG, you can use a 10mm spacer adapter in the adapter kits to replace the original position of OAG.
  3. Put OAG at the position next to the M48 Output to make both main cam and guiding cam focused.



B2: Connect Canon EF lens to Camera with filter wheel


B3: Connect Nikon F Lens to Camera with Filter Wheel.

Note: The current Nikon adapter used here is different from the 10mm adapter we used to provide. Now it has a back focal length increment of 12mm.





Model QHY600PH (Photographic Version)


QHY600PH SBFL (Short Back Focal Length Version)

Mono/Color Both Available (while Mono only with QHY600PH-L)
Pixel Size 3.76um x 3.76um
Effective Pixel Area 9576*6388


(9600*6422 with overscan and optically black area)

Effective Pixels 61.17 Megapixels
(effective area.
Sensor Size Full Frame 36mm x 24mm
A/D Sample Depth



16-bit (0-65535 levels) at 1X1 binning


18-bit at 2X2, 19-bit at 3X3, 20-bit at 4X4 software binning

*QHY600 uses the software digital binning for 2*2binning. With digital sum, 2*2binning will be four 16-bit summed then it is 18-bit.

Full Well Capacity (1×1, 2×2, 3×3) Standard Mode
>51ke-  / >204ke- / >408ke-
Super Full Well Mode
>80ke-  / >320ke- / >720ke-
Full Frame Rate USB3.0 Port Image Transfer Speed


Full Frame Size: 4.0FPS (8-bit output)

Full Frame Size: 2.5FPS (16-bit output)

7.2FPS at 9600×3194, 22.5FPS at 9600×1080, 28FPS at 9600×768, 47FPS at 9600×480, 160FPS at 9600×100,

Fiber Port Image Transfer Speed (QHY600Pro only)

Full Frame Size: 4.0FPS (16-bit output)

Readout Noise 1.0e- to 3.7e-  (Standard Mode)
Dark Current 0.0022e-/p/s @ -20C    0.0046e-/p/s @ -10C
Exposure Time Range 40us – 3600sec
Unity Gain* 25 (Extended Full Well Mode) *


*With the improvement of the CMOS technology, the 16bit CMOS camera has been released, like QHY600/268/411/461. For these cameras, even in lowest gain it has beyond the requirement of unit gain (less than 1e/ADU due to sufficient samples) So you can directly set gain 0 as start. Please note QHY600/268C/411/461 has extend full well mode. In this mode you still need to find out the unit gain position.

Amp Control Zero Amplifer Glow
Firmware/FPGA remote Upgrade Supported. Via Camera USB Port
Shutter Type Electric Rolling Shutter
Computer Interface USB3.0
Built-in Image Buffer DDR3 memory


PH & PH SBFL ver.: 2GBytes(16Gbit

Hardware Frame Sequence Number Supported
Cooling System Dual Stage TEC cooler:
– Long exposures (> 1 second) typically -35C below ambient
– Short exposure (< 1second) high FPS, typically -30C below ambient(Test temperature +20°)
Optic Window Type AR+AR High Quality Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating
Anti-Dew Heater Yes
Telescope Interface M54/0.75
Back Focal Length QHY600PH: 17.5mm+6mm (±0.2)


QHY600SBFL: 14.5mm*

*The BFL Consumed equals 12.5mm when connecting QHYCFW. About the defination of “BFL Comsumed” and our adapter system please view: https://www.qhyccd.com/adapters/

Weigth 850g
Power 40W/100%


Filter Wheel

Back Focus Consumed


Filter Supported

7 posiition 2inch mounted/50mm unmounted

Available height limitation
(shall consider leaving the gap)





 Telescope Interface M54/0.75
Diameter of 6 x M3 screw hole positions 62mm
Suitable for CCD/CMOS Size 4/3 inch
36 x 24mm

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