RASA8 Visual Adapter
RASA8 Visual Adapter
RASA8 Visual Adapter

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RASA8 Visual Adapter

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April Fools production run sold out!

A Breakthrough in Visual Observing

Do you have a brand-spanking new 8” RASA but have been itching to do some visual work? Up until now this world-class astrograph has been CAMERA only, leaving visual observers out in the cold.

Now CBO has developed a special adapter system to allow the use of any 1.25” eyepiece right in the path of your f/2 system. See the firmament directly with the blazing fast optical system.

The RASA 8 visual system is a Cloud Break Optics exclusive and utilizes high transmittance 90-degree prisms. The right-angle system means that you can have most of your body and head out of the way while viewing!

Completely Customizable

This new system is also friendly to viewers of different heights. With our add-on angles and extenders (included for a limited time!), the possibilities are endless. Download our FREE optical design tool to unlock the potential.

 Jump on this opportunity now and enjoy all 11 of Ptolemy’s Celestial Spheres.


The RASA8 Visual Adapter may NOT be compatible with all hair styles and hats. The following hair styles have been tested and verified to work with the adapter.


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