Reducer and Field Flattener for Mewlon Telescopes (TAK70581)


Reducer and Field Flattener for Mewlon Telescopes (TAK70581)

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The Takahashi Mewlon Reducer / Flattener is designed specifically for the Mewlon series of telescopes, and reduces the focal ratio by 0.8X. This reducer is made from ED glass, and produces an image circle with a diameter of 30 mm on the μ-210 telescope.


Telescope with Adapter

μ-180C with Mewlon Reducer/Flattener μ-210 with Mewlon Reducer/Flattener

Adapter Part Number

TAK70581 TAK70581


180mm 210mm


0.64" 0.55"

Limiting Magnitude

13.0 13.4

Light Gathering Power

661X 900x

Focal Length

1760mm 1961mm

Focal Ratio

f/9.8 f/9.3

Image Circle Diameter

30mm 30mm

Optical Type

Dall-Kirkham Dall-Kirkham

Tube Diameter

210mm 244mm

Tube Length (With Lens hood retracted)

625mm 700mm

Tube Weight

6.2kg 8.1kg

Recommended Finder

6x30 7x50

Metal Back Distance

 ----- 56.2mm

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