Reducer/Flattener for 800-1000mm Refractors (TV-102 & TV-102iis)
Reducer/Flattener for 800-1000mm Refractors (TV-102 & TV-102iis)

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Reducer/Flattener for 800-1000mm Refractors (TV-102 & TV-102iis)

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Designed for TV-102 and TV-102iis.
Flatteners clean-up focus away from the center of an image. The 0.8x Reducer/Flattener for 102 Scopes reduces telescope focal length to 80% while flattening the field for up to 35mm frame formats. Although optimized for TV102 scopes, it also works with any non-flat-field refractors (such as doublets or triplets) from 800-1000mm focal length.

Model RFL-4087 is a 0.8x Reducer/Flattener for TV-102 and TV-102iis scopes and any 800-1000mm focal length refractor for imaging with up to 35mm camera formats. For TV-102 (non-"iis") it requires the RAD-1074 Reducer Body Adapter for 2" focusers. This reducer/flattener requires Imaging System camera adapter such as  CWT-2070 (Canon Wide T-Adapter with Bayonet for 2.4" Focusers), STL-1071 (SBIG STL Camera Adapter), or TRG-1072 (Standard T-Ring Adapter) to connect to camera.

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