Replacement Assembly for 900/1200 Dovetail Knob (DOVEKBREP)
Replacement Assembly for 900/1200 Dovetail Knob (DOVEKBREP)


Replacement Assembly for 900/1200 Dovetail Knob (DOVEKBREP)

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To reduce the possibility of a cable snag while operating your mount remotely, you may wish to remove one of the dovetail knobs that secure the Dec axis to the R.A. axis, and substitute it with our replacement assembly. The assembly would only be needed for the side of the mount that has the cable. The standard dovetail knob will remain on the other side. You will only need to purchase one per mount.

Use the 3/16" allen-head wrench included with your mount to install and adjust tightness. Tighten to approximately the same tension as the corresponding knob on the other side.

Note that a small portion of the assembly will protrude from the side of the mount. This is normal and should not interfere with the mount cable during remote operation.

WARNING: Do not over-tighten the knob replacement assembly!

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