Riser Set System with Rail
Riser Set System with Rail


Riser Set System with Rail

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Risers are used to attain balance needed when imaging with some smaller telescope systems. This is particularly important when mounting cameras to our SVX70T and SVX80T refractors. With these lighter telescopes the relatively heavy camera adds more weight to the rear creating an imbalance. To solve this issue Stellarvue created risers. These Stellarvue risers move the telescope 2.5" above the rail to provide plenty of extra needed clearance for the camera. Then, using a longer rail that extends underneath the camera, the telescope and camera may be moved forward, balancing the entire system on the mount.  

*Hardware included* 


Choose between 13" Losmandy style rail 10.5" Vixen rail, and 1/4-20 or metric sized screws.

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