SFFR.74 Reducer for SVX102T and SVX102T-R
SFFR.74 Reducer for SVX102T and SVX102T-R


SFFR.74 Reducer for SVX102T and SVX102T-R

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This is the Flattener/Reducer designed for the SVX102T and SVX102T-R using either the 3" Stellarvue or 3" FeatherTouch focusers. Select which focuser your telescope uses above and the correct adapter will be provided. 

This reducer/flattener converts the 102 mm f-7 714 mm focal length objective into a 102 mm 535 mm focal length f-5.25 wide field imaging scope. Merely un-thread the 2" adapter from the draw tube on the focuser and thread this unit onto the focuser's draw tube.

With this model, on the camera side there is a 48 mm male thread and 55 mm of backfocus as setup by default. So this reducer/flattener as it comes will work with a DSLR with a 48 mm t-ring. It will also work with a ccd camera that uses the M48 thread and has a 55 mm back focus. If your ccd camera uses another thread and/or if the back focus is not exactly 55 mm, please call us and we can provide you with a modified version of this reducer/flattener with the proper adapter to meet your requirements. 

Please note: This reducer/flattener only works with our newer SVX102T and SVX102T-R.  It will not reach focus on older telescopes.  

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