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"Shorty" Single-Level Support Bar for Pier Accessory Trays (TRAYSB1)

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This shorter, single-level support bar attaches to the holes at the top of the pier post or in a number of locations on the 6" Eagle Pier and can hold 1 tray. Although it was designed with the 6" Eagle in mind, it will also work with 8" and 10" piers as well as with the Adjustable Aluminum Tripod (SDS400) and the Adjustable Wood Tripod (AWT000) by attachment to the Tripod Adapter (ADATRI)

Like its longer cousin above, three brackets can be installed around the post to allow a tray circle, but with a single tier of trays. It measures 3.375 " long and 1.75" wide. All pier trays that we make currently and those we made in the past can be used with this support bar.

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