8" Flextube Collapsible Dobsonian (S11700)
8" Flextube Collapsible Dobsonian (S11700)
8" Flextube Collapsible Dobsonian (S11700)
8" Flextube Collapsible Dobsonian (S11700)

Sky-Watcher USA

8" Flextube Collapsible Dobsonian (S11700)

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Quick Overview

  • 8" (203 mm) Dobsonian-style Newtonian
  • 1200 mm focal length (f/6)
  • 2" Crayford-style focuser with 1.25" adapter
  • 4-element Plössl 25 mm and 10 mm 1.25" eyepieces
  • 8x50 right angle erect-image finderscope
  • Solid rockermount with Teflon bearings and tension clutch for altitude
  • Teflon bearing for azimuth
  • Eyepiece height at zenith: 45.5”

    Collapsible OTAs 

    Makes transportation and storage of your telescope simple and convenient

    Binoviewer Settings

    A Sky-Watcher exclusive feature! Preset detents makes adjusting for binoviewing a snap. No more additional optics or crazy spacers, just drop, pop and view!


    Reconciling the desire for a large aperture telescope with the reality of a limited budget is an age-old problem. But it’s a problem with an easy answer: Sky-Watcher Flextube Collapsible Dobsonians.

    Sky-Watcher USA Dobsonian telescopes deliver high-quality optics, huge aperture, solid construction and superb value. And only Sky-Watcher Dobsonians provide the extra portability and convenience of flextube collapsible optical tubes. If you’re looking for a big light bucket with a little price tag, look no further! Sky-Watcher USA has what you need.

    With apertures ranging from the ultra-portable 8 inch up to the monster light- gathering 16 inch model, all Sky-Watcher USA Dobsonians come complete with Crayford-style focuser, two Super Plössl eyepieces and finderscope.



    8 inch

    Optical design

    Newtonian reflector

    Mirror diameter

    203 mm (8 in)

    Mirror type

    Standard parabolic

    Focal length

    1200 mm




    8x50 right angle


    25 mm (48x), 10 mm (120x)


    2 inch single-speed Crayford-style

    Base type

    Standard Dobsonian

    Tube weight (pounds)


    Base weight (pounds)


    Assembled weight (pounds)


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