Starlux Maksutov-Newtonian 190MN (S11550)
Starlux Maksutov-Newtonian 190MN (S11550)
Starlux Maksutov-Newtonian 190MN (S11550)
Starlux Maksutov-Newtonian 190MN (S11550)
Starlux Maksutov-Newtonian 190MN (S11550)
Starlux Maksutov-Newtonian 190MN (S11550)
Starlux Maksutov-Newtonian 190MN (S11550)
Starlux Maksutov-Newtonian 190MN (S11550)

Sky-Watcher USA

Starlux Maksutov-Newtonian 190MN (S11550)

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Quick Overview

  • 190 mm Maksutov-Newtonian
  • 1000 mm (f/5.3) n Fully multi-coated Pyrex mirrors
  • 2” dual-speed 10:1 Crayford focuser
  • 9x50 right angle correct image finderscope
  • 28mm 2” LET eyepiece
  • Black V-style dovetail plate

            High-quality Maksutov optics

            Delivers refractor-like views and superior contrast while allowing for larger apertures at a smaller cost

            Convenient sizes

            The Maksutov optical design provides ample focal length in easy to handle sizes, from the ultra-compact 90mm up to the monster 190mm Mak-Newtonian

            Ready to go

            The Sky-Watcher USA Maksutov line of telescopes comes complete with everything you need to get started: finderscope, mounting accessories and eyepieces*


            For the astronomer looking for a small, lightweight alternative to refractors, the Sky-Watcher USA line of Maksutov telescopes provides the answer. For years the Maksutov design has delivered sharp, high-contrast views ideal for planetary, lunar and deep sky observing.

            The exciting new Mak-Newtonian from Sky-Watcher is just what astrophotographers and serious visual observers have been looking for. 

            The Mak-Newtonian design provides large aperture apochromatic performance with exceptional field correction in a compact, affordable package. Compared to a similarly sized Schmidt-Newtonian, the Mak-Newtonian yields a sharper image with more contrast. Naturally, the Mak-Newtonian is an excellent visual performer, too.

            For the astrophotographer that wants the ultimate large aperture astrograph, the 190mm Maksutov-Newtonian brings over seven inches of light gathering power in an affordable, elegant system. With its built-in corrector and knife-edge baffling, the Mak-Newt is built to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding astrophotographer.

            The Sky-Watcher USA Maksutov line comes complete with everything you need right out of the box, including mounting hardware and additional accessories.



            Optical design

            Maksutov- Newtonian

            Focal length





            8x50 right angle




            2-inch dual-speed Crayford-style with I.25-inch adapter

            Mounting hardware

            V-Style with mounting rings

            Included accessories

            42mm T-ring adapter

            Tube weight (pounds)


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