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Virtuoso (S11750)

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Our Take

The Virtuoso is the very definition of portability and get-up-and-go observing for both night time and solar observing. This tabletop battery operated telescope comes with everything you need for solar observing. The slip-on solar filter produces a white light image, allowing you to see the sun's surface and any sunspot activity. It will also let you safely watch the eclipse from start to end.

Staying mobile for the eclipse can help increase your chances of dodging any clouds or weather that is not cooperating. This scope can be setup and ready to view even on the roof or hood of your car in a matter of seconds. For quick observing you can use the motorized mount to slew to the sun or night time target as needed. This 'scope also can be leveled and aligned to track objects with just a little more setup time, and with the included encoders, can keep alignment even after you move the mount by hand.

This really is the epitome of quick setup and ease of use!


  • 90 mm Maksutov-Cassegrain
  • Multi-function motorized alt-azimuth mount
  • Solar filter
  • Solar finder
  • 5x24 finderscope
  • Mounting bracket
  • Bracket for DSLR, camcorder and cell phone
  • 10 mm and 20 mm 1.25" eyepieces
  • 1.25" Star Diagonal


Panoramic Photos and Panning Video

Create panoramic images easily by attaching your DSLR, point-and-shoot camera or cell phone, or attach your camcorder to record panning video with up to six programmable stop points.

Camera, Video and Cell Phone Mount

Included brackets with the Sky-Watcher Virtuoso mount make it possible to use a variety of devices to capture the world around you.

White Light Solar Filter

Observe the Sun with the included white light solar filter and solar finder scope

Using the same precision technology that allows telescopes to track tiny stars across the sky, the Virtuoso Versatile Mount is a powerful tool for photographers and videographers alike. This super steady mount can capture stunning panoramic photos or smooth panning video. You can use Virtuoso with just about any camera or camcorder, from your DSLR to your iPhone. We’ve also included a 90 mm optical tube and two eyepieces for astronomical observing.


Motorized alt-azimuth mount

Dual Axis Encoders allow you to move the mount by hand without losing alignment

Mounting bracket for digital cameras, camcorders and cell phone

Shutter release cable compatible with Canon Rebel EOS DSLR

Automatic shutter release functionality for Canon Rebel EOS DSLR cameras

Solar filter and solar finder included for safe viewing of the Sun

Requires 8 AA batteries (not included)



Virtuoso Mount


Optical design



90 mm (3.5 in)

Focal length

1250 mm






10 mm (125x) 20 mm (64x)


1.25 inch Star

Tube weight (pounds)



Base type

Motorized alt-az

Mount weight (pounds)


Assembled weight (pounds)


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