SolarQuest (S21170)
SolarQuest (S21170)
SolarQuest (S21170)
SolarQuest (S21170)

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SolarQuest (S21170)

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This is an incredible mount for tracking the sun. It is specifically designed for looking at the sun with a small refractor and white light filter or small H Alpha scope up to 60mm or so.

Here’s how it works: level the tripod and put your scope on the dove tail. Using double A’s or a power pack of some sort, power the mount on. The mount levels the scope, gets a GPS reading and then slews to the sun. It took exactly 2 minutes and the sun was dead centered in a 25mm eyepiece. It tracked the sun for over an hour and it never wavered. Plus, it has a “sync” feature for when it isn’t dead on, you can make an adjustment and do a sync so the alignment is recalibrated.


  • Weight Capacity: 11 lbs. 
  • total weight: 8.9 lbs. 
  • Power: 8 AA batteries (not supplied) or 12V with included adapter plate 
  • Dovetail: V-style 
  • Built-in GPS
  • Helio-Find technology for auto location of the sun
  • Built-in 8-way joy stick for centering of the sun
  • DC servo motors
  • Slew Speeds: 16x and 1200x
  • 3/8 thread mounting hole
  • Adjustable aluminum tripod with accessory tray
  • Included tripod extension 

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