SR-127 'QT'
SR-127 'QT'
SR-127 'QT'
SR-127 'QT'


SR-127 'QT'

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PE Grade 0.2 - 0.8Å available on special request. Please contact Cloud Break Optics via phone to place an order.


Complete, 127mm aperture fully integrated Solar Telescope.

NEW lightweight, Short tube with retractable dew shield

H alpha optimized design offers Quantum control completely built-in for easy set-up and operation.   

Quality 127mm doublet achromat. Optimized for H alpha in design, figuring and coating for Hydrogen Alpha

Focal Length: 2667mm

New, compact design is only 29 inches long and weighs just 13lbs including mounting rings and dovetail!

Digital readout and precision tuning control accurate to 0.01Å in center wavelength.  

Uses 12VDC power so it can also run off batteries.  

Same Quantum Control software capable.

Available in Chromosphere, Prominence or specific bandpass in PE grade.

Robust, 2 inch steeltrack and rack and pinion focuser for added strength.

Fully integrated DayStar filtration with classic DayStar Quantum control.

Includes mounting rings with Vixen dovetail.  

Includes zero power solar finder 'alignment keys'.

Ships in Pelican Storm Case.


Clear Aperture:  127mm

Focal Length:  2667mm
With focal reducer: EFL is 1355mm.

Distortion < 0.6%

Carbon Fiber OTA.

Telescope Length:  31.1" with dew shield retracted

Telescope weight:  13.6 lbs in rings.

Operating Temperature:  20-100° F

Power supply: DC 12V, maximum

120mA, 2.1x5.5mm

AC Adapter included: 120-240VAC
Power consumption: 1.5 watts

Wavelength Shift range: +/-1Å
100% safe and fully blocked directly through the OTA
100% safe and fully blocked directly through white light solar finder scope

Reaches focus using the following: 
1.25" eyepiece, 2" eyepiece, ToUCam, Lumenera, SBIG, SLR, DSLR*, afocal, CCTV Video,

Recommended:  Tele Vue 55mm Plossl eyepiece for full disk or Tele Vue 32mm or 40mm plossl eyepieces for higher power views with the SR-127 Solar Telescope

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