Standard Covers  German Equatorial Mounted SCT's, Maks, Newtonians, & RC


Standard Covers German Equatorial Mounted SCT's, Maks, Newtonians, & RC

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These covers are capable of fitting several other scope sizes. Check your set-up dimensions and reference the stated cover measurements to determine if a cover will fit systems other than those listed.

The Standard TeleGizmos Solar Scope Covers, when used outside, are intended for temporary exposure periods. For long term continuous 365 outside exposure protection, see the Series 365 Covers.


10"-12" SCT's, Maks on GEMs                            TGG1             $61.00
Top line length 28" (sloping line), major height 36" (vertical),  minor height 25", width 15"
14" SCT's, Maks, RC on GEMs                            TGG2             $67.00                               
Top line 39" (sloping) , major height 60" (vertical), minor height 40", width 18"

10" f/5 Newt on GEMs                                          TGN1             $69.00 
Top line length 50" (sloping line), major height 50" (vertical), width 20"
Meade LXD 55/75 SN8                                       TGN8               $64.00                                
Top line length 46" (sloping line), major height 62" (vertical), width 14"

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