Teflon Bearing Kits


Teflon Bearing Kits

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If you are having trouble using your Dobsonian because of the jerkiness of the altitude and azimuth motion, consider upgrading the bearings. Many manufacturers use a low quality plastics for these surfaces that do not provide nice smooth motion. Astrosystems' Teflon kits offer an easy fix to the problem!


Smooth out your telescope movement with virgin PTFE bearings.  All kits contain 3 azimuth and 4 altitude bearing pads of 3/16" minimum thickness virgin PTFE (Teflon), pre-drilled and countersunk, with stainless steel mounting screws.  These suggested sizes will accommodate most telescopes, custom sizes are available (contact us).

  Telescope Weight Azimuth Pads(3) Altitude Pads(4)
Small-kit up to 70 lbs.  1" x 1"  0.75" x 1"
Medium-Kit    71-120 lbs.  1.5" x 1.5"   1" x 1.5"
Large-Kit 120-250 lbs.  2.5" x 2.5"   1.5" x 2"


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