Tele-Pod (Advanced) - Encoder Equipped
Tele-Pod (Advanced) - Encoder Equipped

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Tele-Pod (Advanced) - Encoder Equipped

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A complete, lightweight telescope mount featuring smooth alt-azimuth motions and optional Sky Tour object locating capability. Perfect for our smaller, travel-easy refractors.

Telescope height ranges from 28" to 60+". Aluminum tripod legs are 3-section, black anodized, foam covered with rubber-tipped feet. Unique, space-saving center column allow legs to fold closer together. The head and tripod are offered separately as well.

The self contained head is Sky Tour ready and can be used on any camera tripod with either a 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 stud. It is the most portable DSC mount head available. We highly recommend the Eyepiece Caddy Set accessory since the Tele-Pod Mount and standard camera tripods do not have accessory trays.

Encoder Mounts

Our encoder mount packages include encoders pre-installed on our Tele Vue mounts along with the cables necessary to work with your Digital Setting Circles or computer (DSC / Computer). This equipment greatly enhances your observing fun and capability of your telescope. We also sell an encoder kit (STN-4001) for existing mounts without encoders. For utmost convenience, we recommend the optional Eyepiece Caddy to hold your eyepieces within arms reach.



  • Tele-Pod Tripod (TPT-2017)
  • Allen Keys: (1) 3mm, and (2) 4mm


The Tele-Pod tripod consists of the tripod legs, an extending center column with a reversible 3/8-16 or 1/4-20 thread adapter. See separate instruction sheet for more features of the tripod.


Weight (lbs.) 8
Height Range (feet) 2.3 - 5+
Altitude Range (degrees) +85 to -10
Sky Tour Models Sky Tour Installed models include
  • SKC-3000 Sky Tour Computer
  • STN-4001 Encoder Kit
  • TEC-1018 Eyepiece Caddy Set
  • SCP-1019 Sky Tour Caddy Plate
Encoder Resolution 2160 step, 0.167-degree/step (10-arcminute/step) encoders

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