TOA-35 Field Flattener for TSA-120 and TOA-130N/150B Telescopes (TKA31582)


TOA-35 Field Flattener for TSA-120 and TOA-130N/150B Telescopes (TKA31582)

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The Takahashi TOA-35 Flattener corrects the field on TOA and TSA telescopes for visual use. The image circle produced by the flattener is 40 mm, with star images of 2 microns in the center and 8 microns at the edge of the field.


Telescope with Adapter

TOA-35 with TSA-120 TOA-35 with TOA-130NS/NFB TOA-35 with TOA-150B

Adapter Part Number

TKA31582 TKA31582 TKA31582


120mm 130mm 150mm


0.97" 0.89" 0.77"

Limiting Magnitude

12.1 12.3 12.7

Light Gathering Power

293X 345X 460X

Focal Length

880mm 980mm 1080mm

Focal Ratio

f/7.3 f/7.5 f/7.2

Image Circle Diameter

 40mm 40mm 40mm

Optical Type

ED Triplet Doublet ED Triplet Doublet ED Triplet

Tube Diameter

125mm 156mm 179mm

Tube Length (With Lens hood retracted)

990mm (870mm)

NS: 1145mm (1012mm)

NFB: 1155mm (1022mm)

1270mm (1110mm)

Tube Weight


NS: 10.5kg

NFB: 12.3kg


Recommended Finder

7x50 7x50 7x50

Metal Back Distance

117.5mm 117.5mm 117.5mm

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