TTS-160 Panther Folding Pier (TTS160J)
TTS-160 Panther Folding Pier (TTS160J)
TTS-160 Panther Folding Pier (TTS160J)
TTS-160 Panther Folding Pier (TTS160J)
TTS-160 Panther Folding Pier (TTS160J)
TTS-160 Panther Folding Pier (TTS160J)
TTS-160 Panther Folding Pier (TTS160J)
TTS-160 Panther Folding Pier (TTS160J)
TTS-160 Panther Folding Pier (TTS160J)

Track the Stars

TTS-160 Panther Folding Pier (TTS160J)

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    Folding Pier to be used with the TTS-160 Panther mount head or with another telescope mount head.

    Extremely compact and easy to transport.

    The Folding Pier comes in one single compact transport bag. It will fit in the trunk of even the smallest cars. When folded down the pier is completely smooth with no protruding parts and can be transported in the soft bag without any risk of damage to the Pier or surroundings. With a weight of only 11kg the Pier is easy to bring to the darkest places.

    Fast setup and great stability

    It takes only a few seconds to unfold the legs and mount the pier tube. The three support rods are easy to tighten and secures a very stable pier. With the Panther mount head there is no need for leveling the pier making the setup even faster.

    Pier extension

    Sometimes for visual observations you might want a higher pier. This can easily be achieved by installing one or more Pier extensions.

    Fast adapter for Mount Head

    To attach the TTS-160 Mount head to the folding pier you need a Pier adapter. This adapter attaches the mount head to the pier with a flick of  finger.

    Using the Pier with other Mount Heads

    The folding Pier can be adapted to be carry other mount heads. Installing the Pier adapter onto the mount head secures the same fast and easy assembly as with the TTS-160 Panther mount head.


    Included Items

    • Folding Pier Complete
    • Large Transport bag
    • NOTE: Pier Adapter (TTS-160K) is not included. Must be ordered separately - Other Pier Adapters can be made for the following mount heads:
      • Astro-Physics: 400, 600, Mach-1, AP-900
      • Avalon Instruments: M-Uno, M-Zero, Linear
      • Celestron: CGX, CGX-L, CGEM, CGE, CGE-PRO
      • iOptron: CEM60, CEM120, IEQ45
      • Losmandy: G8, G11 Sky Watcher: EQ6, EQ8
      • Software Bisque: Paramount MyT
      • Vixen: Sphinx, Atlux, AXD
      • 10 Micron: GM1000, AZ1000
      • Please call (206) 327-9826 or e-mail for more information
    Weight 15 kg
    Dimensions 70 × 30 × 30 cm

    11 kg


    Stainless Steel and Aluminum, black hard anodized


    778 mm

    Weight Capacity

    75 kg

    Transport Bag size

    Diameter 180mm (7inch), Length 600mm (24 inch)


    Specifications are subject to change without notice

    Dimension drawing of different piers


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