TTS-300 Mammoth Mount head (TTS300A)
TTS-300 Mammoth Mount head (TTS300A)
TTS-300 Mammoth Mount head (TTS300A)
TTS-300 Mammoth Mount head (TTS300A)
TTS-300 Mammoth Mount head (TTS300A)
TTS-300 Mammoth Mount head (TTS300A)
TTS-300 Mammoth Mount head (TTS300A)

Track the Stars

TTS-300 Mammoth Mount head (TTS300A)

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  • Configurable observatory mount system
  • Alt-Az mount for stability, compactness and fast setup
  • More telescopes in Parallel
  • Precise goto and tracking
  • Perfect eyepiece position, no meridian flip, maintain good collimation
  • Simplicity on the outside, technology inside
  • Convenient hand pad and intuitive user interface


Configurable observatory mount system

The TTS-300 Mammoth mount head is the heart of the highly flexible and configurable mount system. It’s possible to configure mount set-ups for visual observations, for long exposure astrophotography or several telescopes in parallel.

Alt-Az mount for stability, compactness and fast setup

The professional astronomers has known for years that the most compact and stable telescope mount is the ALT-AZ configuration. Now it’s available for you too. The benefits is a mount that’s stable and very compact so it will take up less space in the observatory.

More telescopes in Parallel

It’s possible to mount more telescopes on the top dovetail saddle plate. Besides this the mount can be supplied with side mount dovetail saddles placed close to the altitude axle. Telescopes installed here will not demand any counterweight increasing the total capacity of the mount.

Precise goto and tracking

The mount can automatically goto any objects selected from the handpad or a connected PC, Ipad, Iphone, etc. Precise tracking for astrophotography with autoguiding capabilities.

Perfect eyepiece position, no meridian flip, maintain good collimation

The Alt-Az movement pattern of the mount ensures the eyepiece is always in a perfect viewing angle. This is especially important when using Bino Viewers.
The mount never needs to perform a meridian flip (unlike German Equatorial Mounts). Therefore all your installed equipment (finders, guide scopes, cameras, filter wheels …) always stays in the best position where you can easily acces it and you avoid cables being twisted unnecessarily. Finally keeping the optical tube assembly in the same angle minimizes the risk of destroying a good collimation of the optics by turning them upside down.

Simplicity on the outside, technology inside

All the technology and delicate working parts are sealed inside smooth anodized aluminum cylinders, so dirt, dust and moisture stay out. The streamlined, compact design also protects the mount from damage during transport or storage.

Convenient hand pad and intuitive user interface

enable easy operation – even with your gloves on! – The hand pad is specially designed to ensure simple operation. No need to search for the right button. Roller knobs make it possible to navigate through the interface quickly. Goto function lets you track any object in the extensive object catalog.

Interface connectors

You can connect a PC via the ASCOM (LX200) compatible connector to control the mount with any astronomy software supporting the ASCOM standard. Autoguiders can be connected through the dedicated ST4 standard connector. Finally the mount has a connector the the control of the optional telescope rOTAtor and a connector for the handpad.

Exact Drive – high precision tracking in a compact design

To be able to track the sky very precisely over long periods of time it is necessary to have a drive system with low and very smooth periodic error. Most high quality German equatorial mountings on the market tries to solve this problem with large diameter worm gear drives. These large diameter worm gear results in mountings that are large and heavy. For the TTS-300 Mammoth Az-drive we have created a drive system we call “Exact Drive”. A unique combination of a worm gear and a roller drive ensures optimal tracking performance – with lower periodic error values and no sudden changes in tracking speed.

Observatory Pier

Observatory piers and pier adapters can be custom made. Height adjustable piers can also be supplied. Contact us for details.


Included Items

  • Mount head
  • Topmount with counterweight arms
  • Handpad
  • Handpad cable
  • PC connection cable
  • Power cable

TTS-300 Mammoth Specifications

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 90 × 50 × 75 cm

60 kg


Aluminum, black hard anodized, Stainless Steel

Azimuth Drive

Ø220mm bronze worm gear drive combined with second stage friction roller gear. Springloaded worm assembly for zero backlash

Altitude Drive

Ø220mm bronze worm gear drive. Springloaded worm assembly for zero backlash

Drive Motors

DC servomotors with high resolution encoders (0.14 arcsec step size)

Power Supply Needed

24V 3A battery

Slewing Speed

3 degrees per second

Telescope Capacity

50 kg on Topmount / 2 * 30 kg on side mount dovetail saddles – depending on telescope length and weight distribution

Object Catalogs Installed

Planets, Messier Catalog, NGC Catalog, IC catalog, Bright Star Catalog

PC Interface

LX200/ASCOM Interface. Works with all major planetarium and telescope control software packages.

Autoguider Port

ST4 compatible port


The internal firmware is stored inside the mount head and can be updated by the user via the PC interface.


Specifications are subject to change without notice


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