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The Tele Vue-60 is the most portable APO (total color correction) telescope they make. The body (less diagonal and eyepiece) is only 10"-long. It has a unique drawtube focus for a quick change from near to far viewing, plus a fine helical focuser. A sliding dew/glare shield with convenient snap-on lens cover can also accept 77mm filters. DOES NOT INCLUDE EYEPIECE - Optional carry case available.

60mm, f/6, APO (Doublet) Refractor. This high performance, super-compact APO doublet, is a super-finder, day/night scope with great telephoto and imaging capability for digital cameras.

4.3° / 150x (Max. Visual Field / Max. Rec. Power)


Type APO  (Doublet) Refractor
Objective (mm) 60
Focal Length (mm) 360
Focal Ratio (f/#) 6
Length OTA (inch) 10.0" (w/o diag.) 
Length with diagonal (inch) 12.0" (w/1¼" diag.)
Weight OTA/Std. Config (lbs) 3/3.3
Drawtube 1.25-inch
Maximum Visual Field (deg.) 4.3º (with 1.25" 32mm Plössl)
Maximum Recommended Power (x) 150

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