Ultima Duo T-to-C Adapter (93611)


Ultima Duo T-to-C Adapter (93611)

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  • Capture images of your favorite solar system objects with the Celestron Ultima Duo eyepieces and any Celestron planetary imager, including NexImage 5, NexImage Burst, and Skyris
  • Female T-threads attach to Ultima Duo’s integral threads
  • Male C-threads attach to your Celestron imager
  • The length of this adapter is optimized for the best image quality when paired with a Celestron camera


Add one of Celestron’s planetary cameras to your Ultima Duo eyepiece, including Skyris, NexImage Burst, and NexImage 5 imagers. This T-to-C adapter threads onto Ultima Duo’s integrated T-threads and your camera’s C-threads for a solid connection. The length of this precision adapter has been optimized for the best image quality when paired with our cameras.

The magnification of the eyepiece will increase the image scale on the camera’s sensor. You’ll get larger, more detailed images of craters on the Moon, Jupiter and its moons, Saturn’s rings, and even sunspots and solar activity (with a solar telescope or proper solar filter).


Camera compatibility All Skyris cameras, the NexImage Burst and NexImage 5 cameras
Eyepiece compatibility Works with all Ultima Duo eyepieces
C-threads Male
T-threads Female
Product dimensions 1.75” X 1.75” x 1.25” 
Product weight 3 oz

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