Ultra Wide Angle Eyepiece 8mm (1.25")


Ultra Wide Angle Eyepiece 8mm (1.25")

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Introducing the new Stellarvue Ultra Wide Angle eyepiece series. This is a great moderate power wide field eyepiece for viewing all kinds of deep sky objects, the moon and planets. 

An 82 degree field of view provides the user with almost 3 times the area of a 50 degree eyepiece. When using hand driven alt-azimuth mounts this generous field will be appreciated. The eyepiece offers 12 mm of eye relief and has a standard foldable rubber eye cup. Each of the seven elements are fully multi-coated, edge blackened and the lens barrel and baffles are similarly dark black. All of these factors add up to create an extremely contrasty eyepiece that is free of unwanted reflections, flaring or ghosting. 

We recommend this as the ideal lower power lunar, planetary and double star eyepiece for those who observe without glasses. Otherwise, we recommend our Planetary 6.1 mm Eyepiece which has greater eye relief but a smaller FOV. 

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