USED- Mallincam SkyRaider DS2.3 PLUS
USED- Mallincam SkyRaider DS2.3 PLUS


USED- Mallincam SkyRaider DS2.3 PLUS

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MALLINCAM SKYRAIDER DS2.3 PLUS. As Used by NASA During the 2017 Eclipse Live on NASA.TV 


NASA  Hopkinsville, KY Using a MallinCam DS2.3 PLUS

On Monday, August 21, 2017, a team from the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in
Huntsville, Alabama was set up to provide a live video feed in support of NASA’s “Eclipse
Across America: Through the Eyes of NASA” broadcast. The team was located in Hopkinsville,
Kentucky – the location for maximum eclipse duration, and they had a MallinCam DS2.3 PLUS
camera, an Orion ED80 telescope with glass white light filter and a motor driven Celestron EQ
mount. The entire 3 hour, 44 minute and 24 second broadcast is available here:

        About 2 hours and 20 minutes into the video, the program highlights the activities at
Hopkinsville. Dr. Renee Weber was “on” camera while Dr. Jesse-Lee Dimech operated the
camera and telescope. Just prior to the start of totality, Dr. Dimech removed the white light filter
from the scope and he replaced it at the end of totality. In the 10 minute, 23 second excerpt
from the “eclipselive” feed, one can see the activities at Hopkinsville along with the views
provided by the MalinCam DS2.3 PLUS.

      The raw camera feed for the 3 minute and 25 seconds centered on totality is available here:
I want to thank NASA for placing their trust in using the MallinCam DS2.3 PLUS camera to
document this extremely rare event.
Rock Mallin


                                FOR THE BEGINNER, OR FOR THE ADVANCED OBSERVER,

The SkyRaider DS2.3PLUS video/imager/autoguider is the newest in the SkyRaider family of astronomical video cameras. It includes the very latest Sony EXmor CMOS sensor to deliver the increased sensitivity needed for astronomical observation and imaging. The New SkyRaider DS2.3PLUS is ready for the most demanding applications in video astronomy, excelling at live observing of both deep sky and solar system objects. The MallinCam SkyRaider DS2.3PLUS is the most versatile video / imaging camera ever created for computer use. All astronomical targets can be observed live while images are captured or while video is recorded simultaneously.

      The DS2.3PLUS utilizes a 2.38 effective megapixel, ceramic CMOS sensor.  The Type New type sensor is larger than a 1/2" type sensor and measures 13.4mm diagonally.  The camera delivers high resolution images using all telescope types and a standard focal reducer can be used to further increase the field of view needed for those spectacular large astronomical objects. Borrowed from the CCD EXview HAD series, the CMOS EXmor sensor has significantly improved sensitivity in the near infrared light region, and it utilizes square 5.86 µm unit pixels with high signal-to-noise ratio.

      Using USB3 technology, the MallinCam SkyRaider DS2.3PLUS  delivers fast download speeds, near instantaneous to the computer, perfect for displaying live images, capturing long exposure  images, or recording uncompressed video files. A fan assisted passive cooling system ensures sensor temperature stability and super low noise ratio.

       The New MALLINCAM SKYRAIDER DS2.3PLUS camera's Sony EXmor sensor sensitivity is augmented by incorporating  CDS (correlated double sampling) procedures. This feature ensures that the SkyRaider DS2.3 is perfect for astronomy and other dark field applications, as well as the bright field applications required for lunar, planetary and solar observing.  The SkyRaider DS2.3PLUS camera can be used to replace traditional CCD cameras to some extent since its unique features (including high sensitivity, low noise, and group shutter) are found only in this MallinCam model. 
NOTE: Only a few sensors produced have the group shutter function.  By utilizing USB3.0, the image download time is nearly instantaneous.

       By utilizing the MALLINCAMSKY Software application Dark Frame Correction (Pat. applied) feature, an internal Peltier cooler (TEC) is not needed.  This results in the use of only a single cable from the camera to the computer's USB 3.0 port.  The Dark Field Correction (Pat. Applied) feature removes all hot pixels, warm pixels, amp glow and dark current noise on the fly making this premier astronomy camera the idea choice in the field or in a observatory.  The dark field correction technology has been implemented by MallinCam for all their SkyRaider Series of camera eliminating the need of a Peltier cooler.

    Among other advanced features, a Star Registration System for stacking  live images has been implemented. Taking images with super short exposures with a ALT-AZ  motorized mount telescope is now possible while keeping stars aligned.

       The global Shutter function allow a user to Live Image any solar system objects such as Lunar, Planets and Solar (with proper solar filter)
with no distortion minimizing atmospheric disturbance. For solar, lunar, planets imaging and live view, it is required to capture the exact shape of a
high-speed   moving   subject.   The existing CMOS and CCD image  sensors on the market today have a rolling shutter as their electronic shutter function;  therefore,  focal  plane  distortion  was  inevasible  in principle. A new pixel with analog memory was developed for the IMX302LQJ and eliminated generation of the focal plane distortion by enabling to scan all pixel signals at once referred as "global shutter function". The  sensor accomplished
high-quality picture combining with the column-parallel A/D   conversion   technology used   for   the MallinCam SkyRaider DS2.3PLUS  image sensors.
No other camera in the price range use this technology. In fact many competitors camera models cannot image live planets, lunar or solar.
Before you plan to purchase any other camera brands with CCD's, do your research and check to see if they have Global Shutter Function. Chances are they don't. CMOS Global Shutter System is the very latest technology on the market today where CCD's are being discontinued by several manufacturers. Why buy an outdated camera from anyone else?

What is Global Shutter and why it is so important? Click Here to see example of moving object.


- Free Software, Free Updates
- T Mount and C Mount (Adapter Included)
- Now With Digital Binning of 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4.
- Star Registration System for Live Stacking on the Fly
- Ideal for all Motorized Alt-Az mounted telescopes
- Support and includes Full Trigger Mode
- Built-in Memories
- Global Shutter
- Image Format: FITS, JPEG, BMP, PNG
- Video Format: SER and AVI
- DDR memory
- CDS (Correlated Double Sampling)
- 2.35 Mega Pixels CMOS EXmor ceramic color sensor
- 13.4 mm diagonal (WUXGA Mode)
- Number of effective pixels 1936 (H) × 1216 (V) (WUXGA Mode)
- Transfer method: All-pixel scan
- Full HD
- Hand Selected sensor class 1 Scientific grade
- Sealed Multi-Coated Optical Window
- FPS/Resolution: up to30@1936x1216 (computer performance dependent)
- Progressive Scan, Global Shutter
- Pixel (μm): 5.86 square
​- 17.5 mm Back Focus
- Connectivity USB 3.0
- Sensor Gain: Variable to 50X
- Sensor G Sensitivity: 1000mv @ 1/30s with IR Filter
- Sensor G Sensitivity without IR 2000mv

- New Digital Binning: 1x1, 2X2, 3X3, 4X4
- Sensor: 2.35MP, Sony IMX302 Color Sensor 1936 X 1216
- Size(mm) 1/1.2" (7.20x4.5) (WUXGA mode)
- Guiding: ST4 protocol
- All Aluminum construction, precision CNC machining
- Hand crafted electronics assembly.


- DS2.3PLUS Camera Body
- One USB 3 cable, 5 meters (15 feet),
- One Guiding cable
- 1.25" adapter included,
- Software on CD ROM
- Weight : 429 Grams (15.10 oz)
- Dimension:  3.1 inch diameter, 3-1/4 inch long
- Sony Sensor Specs  PDF

Manual available by clicking here

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Example of image taken with SolarMax 60 prime focus to show field of view.
M27- Sept 19 2016, Single one shot unprocessed 30 seconds exposure with a V-RC8" scope, MallinCam SkyRaider DS2.3+ MallinCam 2 inch focal reducer. As seen live on
M 33, Celestron CPC 9.25 Edge HD with HyperStar, alt-az mode, Mallincam SkyRaider DS2.3Plus, No filter, DFC, gain=50%, exp time = 15sec, histogram 0-255, color settings r=-48, G=-61, B=0 align/stack 4x15sec Skies 6.2m
Solar Image Capture by Jack Huerkamp, Louisiana, USA. Lunt 152 Single Stack with SkyRaider DS2.3 PLUS. May 6 2016. 5 Co-added images.

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